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The Hanslope & District Historical Society is delighted to have the assistance of Paul Woodfield, an experienced Architectural Historian who is preparing a report on the historical features of each of the older buildings in Hanslope to help build a picture of the development of the village.  The reports are in more depth than is available in the listing particulars of listed buildings, covering both internal features such as fireplaces and roof structure, as well as what is visible externally.  In most cases the reports include plans of the building as well as photographs and/or sketches of important features.

Summaries of the report on each building are being prepared for the web, subject to permission from the owner or tenant of each building.  It is intended that when the project is completed, a full set of the written reports will be lodged with the heritage department in the local authority, in addition to the copy retained by the Historical Society.

Depicted below are the buildings for which surveys have so far been completed and summarised.  Click on an item on the list to open a summary of the survey report.  There is currently (October 2010) a large backlog of survey reports which have not been put on the web.  It is intended to reduce this backlog in the next two months.

Working Men's Club

Cairn Cottage

Green Manor, former Green Man Inn

Barnwell Buildings

1 Church End, Magpies Nook

House backing onto Magpies Nook

House between Magpies Nook and Swan Yard

House behind M.Sqare, backing Swan Yard

Off Square, backing onto Green Man

5/7 Church Row

28 Park Road

Maltings Farm

47-49 Newport Road

Stokes Manor

Tothall Manor

New Buildings

Hanslope Lodge